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Need for Speed: Tips & Tricks on Winning the Game

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Need For Speed: No Limits centers its gameplay on three things: car racing, car collection, and car upgrading. As compared to the other Need For Speed games, the races in this play are shorter.

Depending on how well you do on a course, you can earn more money to buy cars and upgrade them as well. Buying new cars unlock different side career stages, which keeps the game exciting and interesting. The car upgrades are very important since there are choke points in the game wherein for you to play a new stage, one of your cars must have a required performance rating.

Subaru BRZ: The Leading Choice

During the early game, the first tip a new player should consider is to choose to use the Subaru BRZ as your primary care in the early stages of the game. Though you will eventually receive blueprints for different cars as the game progresses, this specific car has the best rating among the start-up cars.

Purchase New Ones as Often as Possible

One of the best tips for this game is to always try and purchase new cars. As stated before, there are different new stages that you can play in for each new car that you are buying. These new stages are called the Car Series. In this part means you can earn more money and reputation in this game.

However, don’t play in multiple Car Series races simultaneously. Focus on finishing one series first before you play a different series so you can focus on upgrading your current car and not waste resources. Using the resources, you get in each Car Series to upgrade the car you are playing for that respective series.

Also, you will be ready to race with that car in the new levels for that specific Car Series. Concerning this feature in the game, it is better to play in Car Series races than playing the Story Mode of the game as these give better rewards.

First, Know Your Focus

Another tip to help beginners play this game is to know where to focus on spending your resources. Though buying cars and car upgrades is the main thing you need to spend on in this game, you must know which you must buy first. A tip on not to spend your resources on this part enables you to avoid spending gold in refueling or flipping for more items during the stage. These have a lesser impact on the game and should not be wasted resources.

Focus on buying a special premium crate that has featured parts or blueprints that you need. This point allows you to have access to obtaining the rare parts that come from the black market. Always have coins or even gold available to make purchases in the black market.

With the Car Series feature of the game, you should focus on upgrading your car’s high-tier parts. In addition to this, it would be best to upgrade the features that would give you more acceleration first since whenever you hit obstacles, you will need a faster acceleration to get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Stunts in Need for Speed

While you are in an actual race, you can maximize the amount of money you gain. Though your focus is to come out on top of the race, you should also consider doing the following actions. These are considered stunts in the game that will add to your rewards.

First, you must keep on drafting as much as you can while still winning the race. Drafting is a move wherein you get directly behind your opponent to exploit his split stream. When doing this, you will gain more acceleration, and you earn bonus Nitro. Speaking of Nitro, use this feature during the straight parts of a road to maximize the continuous speed boost it will give you.

With Nitro on corners, you will be able to lose traction, wasting time to stabilize your run. The next stunt is to drift around corners all the time. Lastly, to help add to your rewards, aggressively pass any obstacle or car at a too close distance so that you can accomplish near misses.

Black Market: The Last Option

The game has a black market that can help make your life easier as long as you have saved up enough resources to buy things there. It is advisable to regularly check the black market because it is uncertain what parts are being sold there during a specific time.

Take note that there will be times that you can only find common and uncommon parts being sold there. However, you must not miss out on the times when rare features are available. These rare parts will probably give the highest performance boosts to your cars, which is crucial in this game.

All in all, these are only a few of the things that you need to capture when running through the game. Still, everything is on you. Playing Need for Speed might be challenging at first. But once you get into the “real racing” match, you will loved to drift and turn around every level.