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Need For Speed No Limits: The Story Behind The Game

Need for Speed No Limits Story

Need for Speed No Limits is the 21st title in the NFS franchise and a completely free-to-play game. It’s a title developed for EA by Firemonkeys– the same people behind Real Racing 3. It was released in 2015 on mobile platforms.

The story brings players to the city of Blackridge as they compete against the Blackridge Royals and its leader, Marcus King. Marcus even offers a handicap to the player; the chance to drive a new car. He offers the car in the garage, a Hoonigan Ford Mustang GT.  The game cuts to the player and King at the starting line. Marcus is driving a McLaren 650S. Two other members of his crew are in the race as well – one is driving a Toyota GT86, while the other is in a Mazda RX7.


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Once you’ve beaten Marcus and company to the finish line, he reveals the hook – the Mustang GT is a hot car, a stolen car. The police arrive soon after hellbent on arresting you. Marcus then rubs salt into your wound saying that he doesn’t want the car – or the player – on the streets any time soon. As Marcus leaves with his crew, You’re left to evade the police. Your task is to speed away in your Mustang GT as the cops ruthlessly pursue you.

After finishing the pursuit, you then return to your garage. Inside the garage, you’ll find Kim– who happens to be the owner of the Mustang. Marcus appears to have many enemies, and Kim is one of them. She reveals how she knew Marcus was trying to get them off Blackridge’s street racing scene She expresses gratitude to you for returning the Mustang and admires you for managing to avoid the cops.

Where Your Journey Truly Begins

Afterward, she offers you the choice to drive for her– gaining the blueprints for a Subaru BRZ in the process. The only condition is you need to build your street racing cred by racing against different rivals with the hopes of climbing the ranks. If you gain enough reputation, you can then challenge the Royals for a much-awaited revenge race. This is where your journey truly begins. Satisfy your thrills and become the king of street racing! Play Need for Speed No Limits on PC now!