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Need for Speed No Limits – Futures Past Update

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Need for Speed No Limits is surprisingly doing well in the racing community. Even after more than three years since its release, the E.A. Games’ highest-grossing racing game is still alive and healthy. Now with the latest update that looks to shape the Future – both figuratively and literally – No Limits lives up to its name with its introduction of new cars and futuristic race tracks that look like they would suit well in a synthwave video.

You got a Delorean waiting for all the Back to the Future fans, the latest Hennessey car, and the modern classic Lamborghini Sesto make their debut in the latest update. Read more below for details.

New Cars to Unlock

E.A. introduces three cars, both past, and Future, into the roster. First on the lineup is every nerd’s favorite vehicle: the 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 – the same car that Marty McFly uses in Back to the Future. It also has a whopping Speed of 8249, a top acceleration of 11,009, and a screaming nitro of 10,110.

The highest P.R. Level Max you can do with the DeLorean is 986 on 8-Star. Best of all, the car is free to earn as long as you participate in the Futures Past event. The car will be locked and unbuyable once the event is over.


Need for Speed No Limit Cars


Another car in the mix is the 2013 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: a Hyper-class vehicle with a remarkable 1018 PR level at 8 Stars. It has peak stats of 8466 speed, 11,556 acceleration, and 10,0111 nitro.

This latest 2010’s car will surely become a must-use for competitive racing. It is also free to earn as long as you participate in the XRC: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento event. You may unlock the car in the store if you want to but only with real money in the in-game shop.

Finally, the newest 2020 Hennessey Venom F5 makes its debut in Need for Speed. This other Hyper-class car has an unbelievable 1144 PR at 8 Stars. Its top stats are 12,124 Speed, 11,962 Acceleration, and 11,441 Nitro – making it a must-have for anybody looking to climb the competitive play ranks. It is also attainable for free during the Devil’s Run: Apocalypse limited-time event.

Event Reruns

Suppose you missed out on the 25th Anniversary. In that case, Rebel’s Gambit, and many XRC events, now is an excellent season to recatch most of them. These reruns include the Neon Future Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Neon edition, the Fastlane Jaguar F Type, Eclipse Polestar 1 (as seen in NFS Heat), Proving Grounds Jaguar C-X75, Traction McLaren Senna, NFS 25th Anniversary Bugatti Chiron, XRC Porsche 718 Cayman Gt4.

Rebel’s Gambit Ford Model 18, Breakout Lambo Huracan Evo, and other Proving Grounds with the Aston Martin One-77. Remember that each of the events only takes seven days, so make sure you schedule yourself on the car you missed out on.

Vault Events

The game will also include brand-new Vault events for the veteran players. This opportunity will give them a chance to snag in new Hyper and Sports class cars. This consists of the latest story group: Dusthowlers – a 6-part story where you get to ride premium rides like the Koenigsegg One, Renault Sport R.S., and Aston Martin DB11. You can earn this through the Need for Speed No Limits shards or with real money. But you can also ride them for free every time you play the event.

New Bounties are also on the line with new ones for all difficulties. Intermediate will get the Beck Kustoms F132; Pro will have Lotus Exige Cup 380, Jaguar X.E. S.V. Project 8, and a Hot Wheels Gazella. The Expert difficulty will have proving grounds for Ferrari 812 Superfast, and Master will have the Koenigsegg Agera R.S.


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Ongoing Rivalries

There are currently more than 30 Underground Rivals schedules that are ongoing throughout the season, so you might as well check out the board to see who’s up to duel against. These rivalries are optional, but they do have some sweet rides that you may want to earn if you want to get into the big leagues.

How No Limits is Still Active

While many players may be focusing on Need for Speed Heat nowadays, F2P players seek out No Limits as the go-to ride or die choice. First of all, it has all the best features of an NFS game, and second, it’s for free. Sure, it may have some pay to win antics. Still, suppose you stick to the PvE sessions. In that case, No Limits is undoubtedly a fun and exciting single-player session.

If you haven’t tried playing the game yet, why not look on this post to guide you on how to play the game? Who knows? After this you might become the best player in history!