Need for Speed No Limits: Be The King Of Underground Racing

It has been long since the release of Need for Speed No Limits on mobile. Now, a lot of the fans keep asking, “When are we going to get Need for Speed No Limits PC?” Well, lads, wait no more! Need for Speed No Limits is available to download and play now for the PC! Included in the game is a fully-fledged control scheme for the keyboard. Now enhanced with better screen resolutions and v-sync, free to play NFS has never felt so good since Asphalt on PC! Check out Need For Speed No Limits update news, gameplay, and more on this page too!



I Have the Need…

Surely, Need For Speed prides itself as one of the biggest and greatest racing game series of all time. Dating back over 25 years ago, EA’s poster girl game is still one of the best-selling racers ever. And with Need For Speed No Limits for PC, the rules have not changed but accessibility grows stronger! Get to play one of the most downloaded F2P sports games ever – now with custom keyboard controls.


Classic NFS Gameplay

Moreover, EA Games took the roots of the classics such as Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, and Carbon, and put them all together to form No Limits. In this free to play NFS title, there are literally no limits – no rules, no bounds and no barriers to hold you from doing the most ridiculous and jaw-dropping racing stunts ever. Race across the world as you cruise through America, sprint within European highways, and drift over the mountains of Japan. Wherever you go, the classic gameplay follows. After all, NFS is all about fast-paced arcade gameplay with an emphasis on style and risk-taking. If you want to experience similar gameplay, you can also try downloading CarX Drift Racing Lite on your PC.


Select from a Collection of the Best Cars

Choose from over multiple licensed cars around the world including Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota. Cars are separated in different categories; all of which have distinct speeds and overall stats. Of course, you start off with the generic sedans but as you check out the other cars within the hierarchy, you get to play with a good mix of sports cars, supercars, and even luxury cars.

Most of the cars can be unlocked through grinding in the game. However, some of them will require you to pay up in order to fully experience all of them. The paywalled cars are extremely optional and the game will tempt you into buying it. Although, the free cars in the game are powerful enough as long as you have the will to grind for them.


Customize from Hood to Wheel

Also, it just isn’t a Need for Speed game without the customization now, is it? For the most part, the game will handsomely reward you with a lot of stuff that you need in order to improve or pimp your ride. Every car is customizable from the hood to the very rims. You get to unlock parts through winning matches, of course.


Need for Speed No Limits PC needs Better Car Performance

Get to improve your car’s overall stats by winning matches and earning money. This money can one-up your tier to get qualified for the very next set of tournaments. Finely tune every part of your cars such as the top speed, suspension, and acceleration. Want to pit your VW Golf GTI against a Pagani? Oh, you can do that as long as you can upgrade your car’s overall performance!


Multiple Modes to Choose From

Furthermore, race around the track multiple times in Lap, run through the city without crashing in Sprint, challenge other drivers on speed in Drag, or earn style as you skid through roads in Drift. Whatever you choose, the game offers a good choice in variety and makes sure that you never grow tired of them.


Play Online or Offline

The world of Need for Speed is all about fast competition. As such, you can select whether you want to race online with over thousands of players every day or go neck and neck with very challenging AI. Whatever you pick, the competition is always fierce!

Game Features

  • Fully customizable cars that took inspiration from real models.
  • An endless collection of car models to choose from.
  • Action-packed races with the unique addition of cops as pursuers.
  • Over 1,000 challenging races to participate in.
  • Continuous updates with engaging events that let you earn Super Cars.

Check out these game screenshots.

Need for Speed™ No Limits Screenshot
Need for Speed™ No Limits Screenshot

Need for Speed No Limits: Be The King Of Underground Racing